Enhancing birth outcomes in the Black community.


Enhancing maternal and infant outcomes within the Black community.

raising awareness.
developing birth workers.
serving families.

about us

For The Village, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing birth outcomes for mothers and babies in the Black community in response to the alarming rates of infant and maternal mortality within Black communities. We aim to conquer our goals by raising awareness, developing Black birth workers and facilitating the provision of specific birth services by Black birth workers within Black communities.

why we exist

In the United States a Black baby is 2-3 times more likely to die before reaching their first birthday compared to a white baby. A Black woman is 3 to 4 times more likely to die due to pregnancy or labor complications compared to a white woman. Providing informed, genuine, empowering, and evidenced-based support to Black families during the peri-natal period will make a difference with these statistics. When these services are provided to Black families by Black birthworkers we have the potential to make an even bigger impact. 

what we believe

We believe that Black lives absolutely matter.

We believe that normalizing healthy pregnancies and birth within the black community calls for an intentional and compassionate approach to recognizing and addressing how racial and health disparities contribute to the dire statistics claiming the lives of Black babies and Black mothers.

We believe the increasing the number of Black birth workers will help to normalize healthy pregnancies and births within the Black community.

We believe that when Black birthworkers serve Black families, more lives can be healed and saved.

how your donations help

Your donations allow us train and support Black women as lactation professionals, childbirth educators, and doulas. Your donations also provide lactation, childbirth education, doula, services within the Black community. All of this helps to combat the high rates of infant and maternal mortality that currently exist ins the Black community. Thank-you for helping us make a much-needed difference and save precious lives.

ready to join our village?

Using a village mentality we recognize that change will come when we recognize the important role that each of us possesses within our community. Those who believe in our organization’s mission have the opportunity to provide support as a committee member, a donor, or a sponsor.

what our families have to say



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